Behaviour Support

Training – we can offer bespoke sessions for your setting. Sessions could cover, for example, increasing staff understanding as to the root causes of a behaviour and recognising that many behaviours are the result of trauma and unmet needs. We would look at reducing reliance on restrictive practices by promoting positive culture within your setting and practice that focuses on prevention de-escalation and reflective practice. We also support schools in developing work with other agencies.

We deliver Team Teach which focuses on 95% de-escalation and safe methods of carrying out restraint where required, focusing on the safest and most dignified use of restrictive interventions.

We can look to support you in ensuring that your school offers a safe, secure and predictable environment.  

Risk assessment support – we will help you to develop and implement positive handling plans. We will work collaboratively with you as it is important to use the schools knowledge of the individual child’s specific needs.

Behaviour policy development – we will carry out a review of your behaviour policies and support you in developing them.

Observations – we can carry out class observations of pupils and staff, to support behaviour planning.

Mentoring – we can provide staff mentoring to support behaviour management in the classroom as well as mentoring for pupils.

Group work – some of the group work that we support and offer are

  • Nurture

  • Relationship work

  • Domestic abuse recovery groups

  • Becoming a Man (BAM)

  • Self esteem

  • Parent work 1:1

  • Group mediation

  • Restorative approaches

  • Bespoke programmes

If you are interested in discussing any of the above with us, please complete the form below.