School Improvement

School improvement work

The Trust has a long record in school improvement and we are happy to offer a range of school improvement support to other organisations.

Alternative Learning Trust can draw on its wealth of expertise and experience to support rapid improvement. If your school is in challenging circumstances, we will be able to offer you appropriate strategies and interventions which will bring about success. 

Our support includes:
  • Addressing weaknesses identified by Ofsted (or by other agencies) by providing additional leadership capacity to support improvement in a range of areas, for example, the quality of teaching and learning in specific subjects, year groups or with individual teachers

  • Developing bespoke school improvement plans and brokering or commissioning the required support

  • Assisting in developing and implementing policies designed to bring about school improvement

  • Supporting interview processes for new SLT posts

  • Supporting improvements in the data analysis undertaken by schools

  • Raising attainment and standards by closing the gaps for vulnerable and underachieving groups

  • Providing emergency/acting Headteacher in a challenging school

  • Providing an Executive Headteacher to work with a federation or similar organisation of schools

  • Support academy conversions with Alternative Learning Trust 

Example package 

All work will be negotiated on an agreement based on the scope of work required. However, an example package would be:

Six visits through an academic year, broken down as follows:

  • Finance visit

  • SEN visit

  • Four school (school improvement) focused days – focus to be agreed

This would include written reports for Management Committees/Governing Bodies - £1800

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