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Governance Structure

Alternative Learning Trust (‘the Trust’) is a charitable company limited by guarantee with a two-tier governance structure consisting of Members and Trustees. 


The Members act as guarantors and promise to contribute a nominal amount if the Trust is wound up. Members are similar to shareholders; however, they do not own shares and do not receive dividends from the Trust. Members can be described as ‘guardians of the governance process’ and should assure themselves that the Trust is being governed well and take action if not.  To ensure separate layers of accountability within the governance framework, the Trust’s Members have not been appointed to the Trust Board. 


The Trust Board, comprised of Trustees, is the decision-making body of the Trust and is accountable and responsible for all the schools (academies) within the Trust.  In summary, the Trust Board must:

  • Ensure that the Trust is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit.
  • Comply with the Trust’s articles of association, funding agreement, Academies Financial Handbook and the law.
  • Act in the Trust’s best interests.
  • Manage the Trust’s resources responsibly.
  • Ensure the Trust is accountable.


The Trust’s scheme of delegation  provides greater detail on the roles and responsibilities of Members and Trustees.  The scheme of delegation also provides details of the responsibilities delegated to Local Governing Bodies.

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